Established in 1885, Marge’s Still is the oldest running taverns in Chicago.

Marge’s Still was originally a barber shop and corner saloon called “Victor Caruso’s Soft Drinks,” and during Prohibition, the ‘soft drinks’ were more of a fictitious cover, while sly patrons slipped through the Speakeasy’s side staircase to drink illicit bathtub gin that was distilled and fermented on the second floor.

In 1957, Marge Landeck took ownership of the bar, becoming the first woman in the city of Chicago to obtain a liquor license. After her passing in 2001, her children inherited the bar, and her son ran the business. However, he neglected to renew the liquor license causing a brief closure. Thus, we have Marge’s Still, acquired by the current owners, who reopened with a new license while preserving the rich history and tradition of both the late Marge and the speakeasy years.